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Young People using mobile devices (small)

Bring Māori language and culture to life with our new exciting mobile educational app - Te Pūmanawa - The Breath of Life!

Enrich your experience of New Zealand's native language and culture through a new technological innovation called mobile or "m-learning". Māori Multimedia are delighted to announce the launch of the world's first comprehensive Māori language and culture interactive mobile app Te Pūmanawa (The Breath of Life); which is accessible on all mobile devices including: Smartphones (Android or Apple) iPads, Tablets as well as Notebooks and Desktop computers. For more information about our latest package deals, click here.


 Niwa the Taniwha Pilot Video Animation



Learn Māori online - it's easy with Māori Multimedia


Go on a journey using our integrated and fully supported education system. Tested in universities and using proven methodologies, it teaches you not only how to speak Māori, but also about the rich culture from which Te Reo was born – reinforcing your learning, and making it fun.

A range of programs designed to teach anyone, for any purpose

  • The Individual Licence

    Always wanted to learn how to speak Māori, or build on your current Te Reo skills? The Te Pūmanawa mobile app contains two separate programs;  Te Reo Taketake: A Māori Language Course for Beginners and Te Ao Māori: The Māori WorldThis mobile app has innovative ‘m-learning’ state of the art technology with fun, educational interactive games and quizzes and may be installed and used on any mobile device (Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Laptop and Desktop computers).  There are no formal assessments or online tutoring provided with this package and you receive a 12 month licence to learn Māori language and culture at your own pace and in your own time. The two e-books above are available from this website at an additional cost. To purchase and download the Te Pūmanawa mobile app click here.
  • The Professional Development Licence

    This professional development package is especially designed for organisations who wish to up-skill their staff and employees in Māori language and culture. With this  package your organisation will receive a 12-month licence of the mobile app for each of your staff members. With no added pressure of formal assessments, organisations may opt to monitor and assess the progress of their employees through their own personal login to a Learning Management System that we provide. The e-books are also available for purchase from the website.
  • Kids-with-ipads

    The School Education Licence

    This licence is designed to satisfy for the needs of our teachers and students (pre-school, primary and secondary) to help them learn the Māori language and culture through fun, interactive activities and cutting edge, touch-screen technology. Both teachers and students can use the mobile app to learn individually, or in a class-room environment on any mobile device. For teachers who wish to assess their own students and monitor their progress, at a glance, we can provide them with their own Learning Management System and control panel, with up to 30 student log-ins.

He Pānui: An Announcement

Māori Multimedia are proud to announce the latest innovation with our website We now have an m-learning program with the following features and benefits:
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Mixed Mode learning (100% online, books, tutor)
  • This program is 100% online and accessible using any mobile device. The program has global access and can be done anytime and anywhere in the world with the option of high-quality published books and an online tutor to assist the learner.  Written and Oral assessments may be submitted to an online tutor via your mobile device or web-enabled computer.
  • Voice Recording Functionality (VRF)
  • This allows the learner to record their speech and compare their pronunciation to the expert speaker through the use of sound waves. The learner may practice as many times as they want before they submit the speech for assessment by the online tutor.
  • Online Tutor
  • The online tutor monitors the progress of the learner and answers any questions that the learner may have. The tutor provides feedback and motivation for the learner.
  • Mobile Learning Management System (MLMS)
  • The MLMS allows the tutor to monitor how often and how long the student has spent on their lessons. The MLMS records the learner's progress and their grades and allows the tutor to add, delete or change the content of the program. Corporate clients may purchase a licence to tailor the MLMS for their own use and receive their own dynamic admin panel.
  • Self-assessed and self-paced
  • There is no peer pressure for the learner and the learner can practice their pronunciation and assessments in private. The program is self-paced any may be done over a 3-6 month period.
  • Endorsed by several companies and institutions
  • The online program is being successfully utilised by the New Zealand Pharmacy Council, the Bank of New Zealand, Price Waterhouse Coopers Accounting Firm and Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua.

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